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Situational Leadership

"How to Develop the Competence and Commitment of Those You Lead"

What kind of situation needs Situational Leadership?

You need situational leadership training if:

  • The people you manage or supervise don’t seem to be motivated to do a good job.

  • Some people you manage or supervise seem to require a lot of hand holding.

  • Some people you manage or supervise seem to resent being told exactly what to do.

  • You can’t find enough leaders in your organization.

  • You know that your style of leadership works with some people but you also know it doesn’t work with other people.  You wonder whether there is anything you can do to enhance your influence.

  • You’d like to know what incentive will work best to encourage your employees to do better work.

  • When trying to develop an employee, you wish you knew when to use the power of your position and when to use your personal style of influence.

  • …and many other situations like the above.

What Benefits Will You Receive from Learning Situational Leadership Skills?

  • The know-how to handle all of the above situations and many more!

  • You will also learn to evaluate others’ competency and commitment.

  • You will grow and develop leaders for your organization – create a legacy of success.