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Sales Workshops

Magic Words     Selling Success 

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Magic Words

That I-N-C-R-E-A-S-E Your Sales Workshop

"A Philosophy for Increasing Customer Satisfaction; A Strategy for Increasing Your Sales"

In this workshop, you will:

  • Gain a fresh perspective on your mission as a Salesperson.

  • Understand an approach to sales that will remove the "stress" of selling.

  • Learn how to recognize the four fundamental human behavior types.

  • Understand your behavior and how to adjust it to suit your prospect's behavior type.

  • How to build rapport with prospects and clients.

  • How to listen to prospects.

  • How to conduct an effective interview.

  • Identify the "sizzle" in your product or service.

  • How to lead your prospects to make a decision.

  • Develop a series of highly effective questions that pertain to your product or service.

  • Receive an introduction to the power of "Integrity Selling."

  • Who should sign up for "Magic Words That Increase Your Sales"?

Anyone who wants to:

  • Transform their fear of selling into the fun of selling!

  • Significantly increase Customer satisfaction.

  • Develop long term customer relationships.

  • Understand the value of their product or service better than ever before.

  • Build bridges of trust between themselves and prospects to expand their network.

  • Know "magic words" that will transform & prospect into a customer/client.

  • Significantly increase their income by giving better service

Workshop Formats:  

Half-day (Premium), 2 hours (Essentials)

Some participants' comments:

"I'm so happy that I had the opportunity to attend you workshop "Magic Words That Increase Your Sales" at this year's Entrepreneurial Woman's Expo.  You did a fantastic job!  It was obvious that the attendees were not ready for the session to end; it was much to short.  Your suggestions have already helped my business."

Florence Rini
 Independent Representative

"(Dr. Dilip's) coaching was excellent.  I learned to listen to the prospective buyer.  Then he'll listen to you."

Dorothy L. Miller
 DLM Enterprises

"Very informative and effective.  Asking the questions the right way to have the customer make a decision (was most helpful to me)."

Bill Feeley
 Vice President
 Copy Systems, Inc.

Articles On The Subject:

Magic Words That Increase Your Sales 
- The Questions Are The Answers!

Sales Workshops

Magic Words     Selling Success


Selling Success

Sales Skills Seminar

"Understand...Learn...Build...Find...Formulate...Recognize...and DISCOVER!"

What you will learn:

  • UNDERSTAND what your prospect is really looking for.

  • LEARN how to build relationship bridges to many different types of prospects.

  • BUILD teamwork within the different components of your sales organization.

  • FIND a unique edge for your service or product.
    FORMULATE a sales system that will always keep you on track in the sales process.

  • RECOGNIZE the six most vital personal qualities for long-term sales success.

  • DISCOVER a questioning system that will help discover customer needs, overcome objections, and close more sales!

Workshop Formats:  

2-days (Premium Program), 1-day (Essentials Program), Half-day (Abbreviated Program)

Some participants' comments:

"Excellent grasp of our business.  Good application of concepts to relevant model for sales."

Jerry Rogers
Asst. Vice President
Educational Services
Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency

"Very clear and informative on sales skills."

Bob Burke
Portfolio Manager

"Your presentation was wonderful!  Thank you so much for speaking to our sales department....  I know everyone enjoyed it and was inspired by your message and stories.  My sales manager commented that he appreciated having someone speak who had real sales experience, and wasn't just talking theory.  Once again, thank you for your inspiration and motivation."

Paul Endress

Sales Workshops

Magic Words     Selling Success


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