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A New Speech Coaching And Writing Retainer Service!

Receive Monthly Customized Consultations at a Fee that will Fit Your Budget

What it means to you:

The next time you have to deliver a speech and your schedule just cannot accommodate the time needed to prepare the speech, you can call on your very own SSU speechwriter!
When you wish you could sound out some ideas for a speech with a knowledgeable person, you can call on your very own SSU speech expert!
When you need someone to give an honest and credible evaluation of a speech you are practicing to deliver, you can call on a top speech coach from SSU!
When you want a coach for one of your managers to excel in a public presentation and create a good image for your organization, you can call on Pennsylvania’s top speech coaching team at SSU!
When your business has foreign-born professionals who want their spoken English to be better understood, call on a specialist of the SSU speech coaching team!

Terms and Conditions of the SSU Retainer Service
You are contracting for two hours of customized coaching every month for the specified time period. A member of the SSU Speech Coaching team will be assigned to work with you one-on-one. Date and time of location will be selected for your convenience and to fit in with the Coach’s schedule. Should you not utilize the two hours of coaching on any given month, that time will be added to the coaching time available for the following month. Any unused coaching time not used by the end of each three-month period will be lost. 

Payment will be by credit card, payable once a month to Speaker Services Unlimited on an agreed upon date as stipulated on the contract. If the entire fee is paid at the beginning of the contract period, you will receive a 5% discount. 


12-month retainer: $175.00/2 hours/month (50% discount over the regular hourly rate)

6-month retainer: $200.00/2 hours/month (43% discount over the regular hourly rate)

3-month retainer: $225.00/2 hours/month (38% discount over the regular hourly rate)

Note: The normal hourly rate for speech coaching or speech writing is $175.00 per hour. The above fees offer a significant discount. If you will need more than 2 hours per month, SSU can offer you other options. Please call us for a free interview at 717-728-2203 or E-mail at 

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