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Excelling in Teamwork

"Trust...Cooperation... Understanding...Acceptance"

How to Understand Yourself and Others

Without these positive attitudes about differing behavior, your organization can be brought to its knees by internal conflict. With them, your organization can be more productive and competitive than ever before. 

How do you foster trust, cooperation, understanding, and acceptance at a time of broadening diversity? You can start with Speaker Services Unlimited's 'Excelling in Teamwork' program which will administer the Personal Profile System to the people in your organization. This self-scoring behavioral learning tool is a road map to interpersonal communications and teamwork - one that has proven its effectiveness in over 20 years of use by more than 30 million people in 84 countries.

This workshop is a powerful tool for:

  • Helping people work together more effectively. 

  • Building productive teams. 

  • Developing effective leaders and managers. 

  • Easing frustration and conflict. 

Using the information gained by the Personal Profile System, your associates can:

  • Discover and capitalize on behavioral strengths. 

  • Increase their appreciation of different work styles. 

  • Improve communication and reduce conflict. 

  • Foster effective teamwork. 

  • Develop managing and coaching strategies. 

Workshop Formats: 

2-days (Premium), 1-day, two half-days (Essentials) 
Also available: Shorter introductory session on Behavioral styles and team work.

What participants say:

"(Dr. Dilip's) workshop "Strengthen and Improve Relationships" is a must for any salesperson or manager interested in increasing his sales right away! This is the best investment I made this year!"

John J. Koziol, CLU, ChFc
Nationwide Insurance 

"In a survey done two full months after program, 99% of the managers and supervisors who responded to our survey reported using the DiSC model to do their jobs better."

Tom Brown
Human Resources Development
Crown International 

"The Personal Profile System currently in use has dramatically impacted...the quality of results for our organization. We estimate a 10-fold return on our investment."

Jack Watson
Chief Executive Officer
The Watson Company


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