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When I Listen, Why Don’t I Hear?
A Workshop on How to Listen More Effectively

Has anyone ever told you:
“You didn’t follow what we were talking about!”
“I wish you would pay more attention!”
“Forget about it. You never listen anyway!”

Be prepared to put those worries behind you with what you will learn and practice at this listening skills workshop.

Learn skills that will enable you to:
· Be highly regarded as someone who cares about others
· Build a reputation as a great conversationalist
· Avoid the embarrassment of not following a conversation
· Be noticed as competent and intelligent
· Be more influential because people listen to those who listen to them!

What you will learn at this workshop:
· How well you listen at present
· Recognize and how to eliminate five obstacles for effective listening
· Eight habits for better listening
· How to make it easier for others to listen to you
· The secret of great conversationalists

Workshop Formats: Half-day or 2-hour

What participants say:

“I liked the ideas given regarding (listening with) co-workers. The quiz and listening self-evaluation were very eye-opening and helpful. Very easy to understand. Interesting approach!”
- Shannon Rohner, Admissions Counselor

“I learned I am not an effective listener and how I can change that. I realized what interruptions occur in my personal & work life that can be improved upon. Very interesting and informative!”
- Heather Doyle

“Very worthwhile! Served as a reminder of the importance if listening to ensure effective communication. Very impressive! Thanks, Dr. D!”
- Matthew Lane, Communications Specialist

“I need to drastically improve my listening – that is the most important part of my job & this seminar has helped me to realize where I need more improvement and how to do that. Excellent!! Thank you for presenting on this very important topic.”
- Kelly Fox, Financial Planning Coordinator

“Excellent; related on our level; clear, real examples all can relate to.”
- Linda Buffington, Executive Assistant/Editor

“(This) refresher of listening skills should be done at least once a year. Excellent! I really enjoy listening to Dr. Dilip.”
- Sandy Lancaster, Office Manager

“Excellent. Dilip speaks at a level and with a skill that puts attendees at ease, therefore making them more receptive to content. (I should) continue to practice (listening skills) I possess and enact those I don’t.”
- Robyn Holder, Marketing Assistant

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