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Keynote Speeches

"Motivate...Inspire...Celebrate... Challenge...Laugh...Be Moved."

Rise to new heights when you hire Dr. Dilip Abayasekara to deliver a customized keynote at your special event for your corporation, organization, or convention.

Some of "Dr. Dilip's" Most Requested Keynote Speeches: 

  • The Path of the Genie... Your Journey to Your Heart's Desire 

  • Life is an elevator... But You Push the Buttons! 

  • From a Strange Land to a Homeland...

  • An Immigrant's Story. Winning at Life...

  • Lessons Learned at the Lectern. 

"...I would like to thank you for helping us make our Appreciation Day a success. Your keynote speech on the Path of the Genie was motivational and also challenged us to look within ourselves."
-Charles Carey
Chairman, Appreciation Day
Bureau of Design
Department of Transportation 

"You have a warm and humble quality that makes you completely believable in anything you present. Your confidence comes shining through Thank you so much for all your suggestions."
-Kaki King
Computer Scientist 

"I want to thank you again for your continued support of our naturalization program. The speech you presented this afternoon to our new United States citizens was truly fitting to the occasion and you really have a way with capturing the attention of the audience."
-Cynthia Lee
United States Immigration and Naturalization Service 

"...Your keynote speech given at our Fall Conference was one of the most moving and entertaining presentations I have been privileged to listen to in more than eight years of Toastmastering. Your delivery was flawless. Your articulation, vocal variety, eye contact, and use of gestures were a "how to do it correctly" for all present. The motivational qualities involved in your speech left us ready to speak with vigor as soon a possible."
-Tom Prendergast
Member Toastmasters International 

"...I can assure you that you, by far, delivered one of the best speeches that I can remember. You have a great talent of delivering your message and customizing it to revolve around the District 37 theme of "A Challenge to Change". 

Let me also convey that a great many of the members in attendance also commented to me that they felt I had looked long and hard to find a keynote speaker of your caliber. In the past, we have always looked within our district for a keynoter. But this year it was time for a change. And this was definitely a "Change for the Better".
-Tom Johnson, DTM 
District 37 Governor
Toastmasters International 

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