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High Impact Speaking Workshop

"To Inspire...To Inform...To Move to Action...
Skills To Move You From "Good" to Great...
From "Ok" To "Wonderful"

In this workshop, you will:

  • Identify the obstacles that have kept you from greatness as a speaker. 

  • Learn specific approaches and techniques to overcome your obstacles. 

  • Practice speeches in a supportive & guided environment. 
    Learn multi sensory imagery techniques that will boost your confidence. 

  • Add power and meaning to your talks with the HAQQ formula. 
    Discover the secrets of stage presence and magnetism. 
    Make your body language increase the power of your spoken words. 

  • Increase the impact of your speeches with advanced speech writing techniques. 

  • Receive a videotape of your workshop speeches. 


Who should sign up for "High Impact Speaking"?
If you want to:

  • Significantly improve the effectiveness of your speeches & communications. 

  • Enhance your ability to lead groups. 
    Increase your persuasive power. 

  • Get to the top of your chosen profession. 
    Have greater impact in your organization and receive greater visibility. 

  • Enjoy and make the most of your speaking opportunities. 

Workshop Formats: 

2 days (Premium), 1-day (Condensed) 

Some participants' comments:

" helped me see my strengths and weaknesses so I could improve. Also, I felt supported when trying to speak."

Jennifer Rossiter
Haven House

"Amazing is your ability to present a speech. You capture our interest and hold it throughout the class. We are very fortunate to have you in the area."

Shirley Knight
Cecil County Public Schools 


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