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Professional and Executive Speech Coaching

"Even Tiger Woods has a coach!  Why don't YOU?"

Take your confidence, your charisma, your career, your company to the next level with private, customized speech coaching from an award winning speaker who knows how to help you tap your inner genius!

Others who have benefited from customized speech coaching from Dr. Dilip Abayasekara include company presidents, business executives, elected officials, a college president, clergy, scientists, engineers, and speech contestants. Testimonial letters, comments, and references are available upon request.       
One Example

12 Ways You Can Profit From Dr. Dilip's Customized Speech Coaching:

  1. Overcome any phobia about speaking in public. 

  2. Increase your confidence in any speaking situation. 

  3. Gain greater self-awareness leading to self-discovery. 

  4. Increase your people skills due to increased skill and confidence in communication. 

  5. Gain increased visibility since you are willing and able to speak up. 

  6. Increase your effectiveness as a leader. Improve your impromptu speaking skills: interviews, talk shows, public functions, etc. 

  7. Become a better listener. 

  8. Prepare and deliver effective speeches and presentations. 

  9. Gain powerful insights and understanding about the communication process. 

  10. Develop a richer, more resonant speaking voice. 

  11. Receive individualized training tailored to your needs 

  12. Gain bottom line results: more recognition, more influence, more sales, more contacts, more business, more fun! 

Initial 1 hour
consultation with Dr.Dilip Abayasekara. 

  • This initial consultation will allow you to understand Dr. Abayasekara's coaching process and fees. It will also allow Dr. Abayasekara to understand your needs and goals. 

  • If Dr. Abayasekara and you decide to proceed, he will send you a customized coaching plan for your review and modification. Coaching will begin on agreed upon day, time, and location. 

  • Typically, most coaching courses are for 12 sessions or 8 sessions; 1Ĺ-2 hours per session. 


If after the first hour of the first session of coaching you have not received the value you expected, your entire fee will be refunded to you.
The notebook you receive will be yours to keep! 

What participants say: 

"This is the 5th year I've had to make a presentation to the Board and I have to say this time I was the most comfortable and the presentation was the most powerful. The direction you gave me during the two hours we spent together was absolutely priceless. 

I have attended many self-help seminars and listened to cassettes constantly and I do believe that you have a unique perspective and that anyone who has a message to communicate could learn something from your perspective...I can personally vouch for time spent with you as being a tremendous investment. Thank you."
-Sebastian Triscari
Triscari Productions, Inc. 

"Through my lessons (private coaching) with Dr. Dilip, I learned some of the basic ingredients of communication skills--articulation, organization, delivery, connecting with an audience, etc....I became a better teacher as a result...I can say for sure that my lectures have improved and I am able to better communicate with my students in my classes. I highly recommend him to anyone interested in improving communication and leadership skills."
-Ratna Nandakumar
University Professor 

"As a marketing specialist, some of my responsibilities include communicating and developing marketing and merchandising courses for our growers. Dr. Dilip helped me turn my fear of public speaking into a more positive, manageable experience. My department allowed me to enroll in several private sessions from Dr. Dilip. Dr. Dilip is a wonderful teacher and someone I would highly recommend as an instructor for public speaking, motivational, and management courses. He has a great personal style and gives much positive reinforcement to his students. He genuinely cares about people and is very empathetic with their fears of public speaking. I feel I have grown as a professional in my current position because of him."
-Rebecca C. Moody
Marketing Specialist
Department of Agriculture 

"I have a feeling that Dilip could work with ANYONE to give not only the information and methodology they need, but more importantly, the confidence and the IMAGINATION to be a better public speaker"
-Rev. John Overman
Teaching Pastor
Camp Hill United Methodist Church 

"(I gained) comfort and confidence in my public speaking skills. (Dr. Dilip's coaching was) excellent; affirming. Videotaping and audio really help reinforce coaching."
-Terry Wallace
Company President 

"The two hours of your instruction were pure gold for me. Once again you've given me a clear picture of what to strive for next."
-Peter Anderson
Architectural Firm 

Professional speech coaching,
1.5-2 hours per session, 8 sessions: $2000

Executive Speech coaching
(includes how to handle media interviews),
1.5-2 hours per session, 12 sessions: $3500

Inquire about early payment discount.


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