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The following publications highlight Dr. Dilip Abayasekara's remarkable work in the field of speech consultation. They are provided free as our way of saying, "Thank you for touring our site." Our hope is that they will help you achieve your goals for effective public speaking and self development. 

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Essential Elements for Effective Inspirational Speaking
Three essentials to be an effective inspirational speaker. 
Motivational Speaking versus Inspirational Speaking
What do motivational speakers do?   

Eight Principles for Powerful Inspirational Speaking
The foundation of all great inspirational speeches. 

Build a Foundation for Assertive Speaking
Overcoming Obstacles to Listening, Hearing, and Understanding
The Ten Practices of Assertive Communicators
Eight Habits for Mastering the Art of Listening
When I Listen, Why Don’t I Hear? 
Overcoming Obstacles to Listening, Hearing, and Understanding
The EAR in Listening, Hearing, and Understanding
Eight Habits for Mastering the Art of Listening
Common Terms Used In Strategic Planning
Review key terms that are vital for members of a strategic planning group.
Ten Inside Tips for Meeting Planners on How to Work with Speakers
Establish professional procedures as an event coordinator. 
The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Evaluators
Discover a skill that will help you in every form of human interaction. 
In Speech Excel, In Life Be Well
Enjoy an inspirational poem for developing life communication skills.
Four Common Communication Mistakes Professors Make and How to Avoid Them
Discover what you can do to avoid four common communication snafus.
Tips for Overcoming Presentation Jitters
The four step foundation for confidence in your presentations.
How to Create Your Reality
The Power of Your Imagination to empower speech.
Mental Principles for Speaking Success
Five mental principles that can boost your speaking success.
Six Steps to Impromptu Speaking Success
Discover how to focus and be mentally agile, two vital skills for impromptu 
speaking success.
Common Presentation Errors and How to Correct Them
Symptoms and cures of prevalent errors made in presentations.
Six Mistakes Preachers Make…and How to Avoid Them
Observations given in the hope that preachers will find these to be useful 
pointers to enable them to be more effective.
Twelve Laws of Speaking Success
The fundamental principles for reaching, touching and elevating your audience.
The Seventh Law of Speaking Success
How to capturing an audience's attention that lacks enthusiasm for your topic.
A CASE for Simplicity
Simple principles that can ensure meaningful and focused communication.
Let Your Body Speak 
Discover the six essential tools for connecting with body language.
Power Tips for Improving Vocal Variety
Learn to add power to your speech and give greater enjoyment to your audience 
by speaking with emotion, improving your voice quality, and articulating your words.
How to Shine at Question and Answer Sessions
Essential skills that bring confidence and enable intelligent response at Q & A 
sessions like press conferences and job interviews.
Why Should You Compete In Speech Contests?
Discover the four powerful benefits of competition in speech contests.
Mind Mapping 
This powerful tool can unlock your creative genius. A Mind Map is a way of 
organizing information that is both rational and artistic, both logically ordered 
and spontaneously 
Balancing Positional Power and Personal Power
Improving the judicious use of positional and personal power with experience 
and reflection. 
7 Tips for Selecting the Right Site for Your Next Meeting
Save this vital checklist for future meeting planning.

Free Articles For Toastmasters
Find Your Voice. Serve Your World. 
Opportunities to win victories for humanity.   
Rise to the Challenge! 
Learning to practice the five Cs: courage, caring, celebration, counting, and action.   
The Toastmasters Banquet Table
An illustration to help toastmasters grow as people, develop new skills and discover unique gifts.
The Gifts of the Toastmasters Magi
Three priceless gifts from the Toastmasters Magi: courage, confidence and caring 
A 'Perfect' New Year
Persistence in creating new plans to take the place of those which fail.
Be - Do - Have
Harvesting your thoughts for the desired results.

Thanks for the Memories
Remembrance. Reflection. Gratitude.

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